Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dananananananana Nananananananana

These shirts are for my other nephews. The little one watches the big one's shows. Now he says, "I Batman," which gave me the idea for the shirts. (I was going to do sweatshirts but Target failed me.) The bigger nephew was going to get a robot shirt, but then my MIL told me that she bought little one a wheelie bag (overnight case) and his momma thought the big one would be jealous. Thus, two the same. Eventually I am sure they'll all develop their own tastes and ideas and likes and dislikes and then it will be twice as hard to buy them things.

A pair of jeans each and a set of Lincoln logs to share, bring on my flight. (Maybe, we're on BA.)

I used to make fusible web sweatshirts for my nieces all the time until eventually they got too old. Fortunately, these boys aren't too old yet. And I will succeed in making something for everyone on the list. Well, maybe. (I am closing in on the deadlines, but I was reading my December archives and for some reason, I feel way ahead over those years. Ahem.)

I also made this eyeglasses case for my BIL the computer whiz. I combined this embroidery with this eyeglass case pattern to create:

Back to finishing the stockings.


Blu said...

Nice T-shirts. I'm sure the boys will enjoy them.
That glasses case is awesome. That face just put a grin on mine~

Carolyn NC said...

Nice handiwork!

Nic said...

Great work!

Fingers crossed for the flights - my dearest friend is due to be flying BA to India on Christmas Day, but we reckon the strike won't happen, it's all posturing.

Siobhán said...

Lovely work! The boys will love the Batman shirts.

Melissa said...

The boys will love the Batman shirts. The eyeglass case is so cool!

Good luck with the deadlines. I'm hoping to finish up three ornaments for great nieces today and scarf for my MIL this weekend.

xeyedmary said...

Love the eyeglass case. Leave it to me to read thru Google reader for a few days & miss the photo. I could have used that idea for my mum.
My middle name: "day late and a dollar short"

doris said...

You're such a good gift-maker. Just how numerous are your talents?