Tuesday, November 03, 2009


It's only day three. I can't really be falling back on the google alerts already, can I?

No, I need to run out and get my haircut as soon as this post is up. How did it come to pass that the time has already arrived? The first car is dead (again) (I told that mechanic that if I had to come back with a dead battery that I would be very angry, and yet...). Fortunately, we kept the second car because SEPTA is out on strike and the poor dude was stranded about 30 blocks shy of his office this morning (where the suburban vehicles become city vehicles). And he only thought of getting a cab after someone else arrived at work in a hired car. So, all those other things I meant to get done today before I went out to the hair dresser? A little bit undone. But I did vote.

Phew. Thank you for all the kind words about the pooch and the "cleaner" craft room. I wonder what other treasures lie buried in there. (Because I'm a long way from done.) I doubt it will be hand addressed envelopes that I unearth next. (Coni, I use labels. And a xeroxed holiday letter.)

Here's what the innernets has for us:
  • For people of a certain age.I like this, and you may recall that I recently bought some things from chez sucre chez. But how tired tired tired am I about the idea that cross-stitch is always twee? Yes, if you go to Michaels, Joanns, and Hobby Lobby, you’re going to see twee things. There’s more to the stitching life! Get your ass in a cross-stitch store.
  • Celebrity face in cross-stitch, # 324 in a series. What is it that drives grown women to cross-stitch a strange man’s face? (By which I mean the face of a man she’s not related to. I mean, is the celebrity crush about to offer sex in exchange for hundreds if not thousands of hours of cross-stitching?) (Though I kind of mean—eek!—look at Engelbert Humperdink’s face.)
  • More celebrity yadda yadda. Does it even look like Robert Pattinson?
  • More evidence that boys get all the attention.


Adrienne Martini said...

Does anyone else go "Humperdink! Humperdink!" a la the Princess Bride whenever they see Englebert's name?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Who does their buying at those stores anyway????

drea_dear said...

$56.00 for a white-on-black saying? I've got to get to work, y'all!

I also don't get the celebrity-face-stitching thing. Although, I suppose, if I had a celebrity I liked well enough to chart, I'd want the world to see it, too. No, I'd be too ashamed to have anyone know how much time I devoted to someone who will just disappoint me in 6 months. :D

Miriam said...

Jo-Ann's, etc is good for some things, but man, twee is right. I always wonder who exactly they think they're marketing to, and if they've checked out any marketing research lately.

Saw you on NaBloPoMo. I'm there twice (whoops!).

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wander into one of those stores to pick up DMC, and as I get to the "stitching" aisle, I thank my lucky stars that I know where to get the GOOD stuff.

Alice said...

The proliferation of twee is more than a little frightening. Mind you, my LNS has an obsession with samplers! It is hard if not impossible to find anything else in there.... not that I don't like samplers, but there are other things I want to stitch and I would rather not have to drive to who knows where to find a shop that will have what I am looking for. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Donna said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the news.

doris said...

Call me crazy, but I can't think of a single celebrity who I care enough about to immortalize in cross stitch.