Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the News

Oh! Thanks so much for your comments on my gallery. You all are so good to me. I guess you're going to have to come over for the grand tour. :)

And now, let me be good to you. Hop over to doe-c-doe where you can win a "Cross-Stitch Naked" bag.

In my readings around town, I've spotted these tidbits to share.

Old Lady Stitches Big Pictures
Could they at least have shown us one up close? Are these her own design? Because, otherwise, big deal. Another old lady cross-stitches big pictures. Or "samplers" which have been around since "ancient times."

Dyed and Gone to Heaven
Caron Collection website has been refreshed and new content added. They claim to have 10,000 pages of stitch goodness. Some of it is old—some of the patterns are recognizable—but there are some new ones too. Excellent pages show all the colors, a very handy reference. New designers and new stores featured.

Art Gallery on a Bus
In an effort to get people on the buses in their city, Knoxville set up an art exhibit on the bus. “A lot of people are intimidated by the bus” an organizer explains. But wait, aren’t a lot of people intimidated by art? I find the marriage of art and buses totally perplexing. I really don’t know how art makes you want to get on the bus. You know what makes me want to get on the bus? A free ride.

Someday I’ll rant about the cross-stitched piece in the exhibit. Or maybe you can do it for me…

Preventya Dementia
I like this; it's good to know all this stitching ain't been in vain. I wonder if there's not a flaw in their research, though. Like maybe getting together with other people helps you prevent dementia. In which case, I'm fucked.

And Now, Improves Unemployment Too
Oh, your supposed to use it as a reward for job searching, not in place of it. I get it.

Celebrities Cross-stitch
Miranda Richardson gets down and dirty. {Yawn.}

"Spicy Cross-stitch"
Recently I had the opportunity to hear a shop owner kvetch about how many cross-stitch patterns aren't "art" (she was extolling the virtues of Just Nan). I see what she means with these patterns. How tiring is it for "witty" but otherwise talentless people to get all the press?

"Achingly Hip"
You know me: elderly woman stitching religious verses. Thank the sweet baby jebus these kids came along and shook us out of our stupor. (At least this writer has a sense of history.)

Hip Replacement
I know it's not hip when the "retired home ec" teachers are doing it. Yes. Give us back our cross-stitch! (I also added this one because I know so many of you lament your stitching ending up in a thrift shop. Well, someone may buy it and make it theirs.)


Patti said...

Thank you so much for sharing everything you did. I entered the giveaway. Yeah me and 66 others so far. So guess I'm gonna win. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Maren said...

LOL! I went down the list and looked at these sites, I don't know which was funnier: the articles themselves or your comments.

Thanks for sharing about the totes!