Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Home Again, Again

I'm back from camp. I don't know if it was all the sleep I missed out on, or the lovely weather in Pennsyltucky or what, but I am tired in my very bones. Trying to think about what to tell you is tiring me. I'm too tired to even read your blogs, though I am forcing myself to catch up. You will forgive the lack of comments on those during this period.

Thank you, though, for leaving comments on my autoposts. You all can be so thoughtful. Donna's comment makes me wonder if I shouldn't add that story about the young reviving the craft of cross stitch to the old lady count. I'm also pleased that you too wander around your favorite craft store in a zombie-like stupor created by...let's call it possibility. I appreciate your solidarity.

I don't quite know how to write my camp report. It was much the same as it always is: a lot of stitch-ass, too little sleep, three projects, Vera Bradley giveaways, many of the same "spring" people. I didn't finish-finish any of the projects, but I have stitched two, including a needle book with a couple of accessories. I didn't even get to the cupcake. Of course, it might have been easier to get to if they had remembered the floss for that project*. I guess it's hard for me to understand the lack of organization because I am so perfect, but man, hire a pa. Ah, but good help is hard to find these days, and what would be the charm of camp if everything went smoothly?

What I did manage to stitch was the Primitive Needle Halloween scene; it will be finished as an easel and that piece of fabric dangling is the backing--only a little more pink, still purple though. The patriotic (Come on! Why why why? We've had enough!) needle case got stitched while I waited for air traffic in Philadelphia to ease (rain). Next, to put it all together.
This time, I arrived to and departed Oklahoma from OKC. I got to spend some time with DD and Jomama. We took the long way to camp and stopped off at a little quilt and "antique" store (the oldest thing in there was the proprietor). I snapped up a couple of not-too-spendy things: a vase, that has a small sticker on the back "Souvenir of Shawnee, Okla" and this southern Cal apron. The dude asked me why I bought it. How about, we met there, you big lug! And also, look how good it looks in my "Gypsy gold" kitchen and with that jug.

(That wall behind the vase is much closer to the blue in the vase. )

Of course, much too much shopping was done. It's too boring to look at my shopping. I'll say this: the deruta biscornu I wanted last year. Just Nan Scream House. Fabric. Odds and ends. Maybe I'll start them someday and you can watch me stitch them.

DD and I are beginning to think we might go to camp again in November. Maybe. It will depend on a hundred million things and all the stars aligning just right.

Okay, I need someone to come and organize my time. I am wandering through my life in a fog and getting very little done. Pfffft.

*When they announced that I cackled uproariously, as I do.


Michelle said...

Boo hiss for no cupcake! But I do love that PN Halloween piece...I'm thinking of stitching it on my neighborhood. LOVE the apron!!

Patti said...

Poor you no cupcake! I love the PN Halloween piece too. Patti xxx

LadyDoc said...

Sounds like great fun! Since I can't get to OK I'm settling for the Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster in October.

I love new stash- so tell some more so we can all share vicariously!

Diane said...

What, no Disneyland on that apron? The fabric manufacturer wouldn't pay them, huh? But, hey, they got Knott's and...SFV, really? The (hairy, smelly) armpit* of SoCal?! Go figure.

*I can say that, I live here. :(

Nic said...

Welcome back!

Donna said...

Welcome home!

Coni said...

Woo Hoo, you! Love your stitched pieces and am glad that you are home safe and sound. As for the fog thing, might I suggest a lovely salted/chocolate thingie from Starbucks? (I seem to remember that you liked something like that from there.)

Leah said...

I love that you "cackled uproariously"! Did people look at you like you were supremely obnoxious or insane? That's the reaction I usually get when I cackle at so-called inappropriate moments.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean... I'm only just recovering from the stitch camp I went to! You'll have think about coming to Branson one of these times... they have an airport now, you know ;)

Cathy said...

I did know about HK's signature. They're going to play his "Outta here" on the PA after every homerun "forever" according to David Montgomery, but High Hopes was only for this homestand. My mom was on the news (channel 3) after the memorial.