Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Points and an Excuse

The title doesn't quite work as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral, but I'm sticking with it.

1. Many thanks for all your kind wishes for my grandmother. What the article didn't tell was what a huge pain in the ass she can be. But, as my cousin says, "she won't be with us forever." So I try to ignore the mean things she says or the exasperating things she does. Like, even though she has been fainting from not eating enough, she didn't eat anything at that nice retirement party. "I didn't know who made what." Like someone who brings something to your potluck retirement party is out to poison you? So sometimes you wish forever would come sooner rather than later, you know. Still I am very luck to have someone with so much verve in my life still. She was also mad that the picture on the cover of the paper was of some guy she doesn't like kissing her. She cracks me up and makes me forget that she refused to allow the paramedics to take her to the hospital after a fainting spell.

2. I want to make sure you see Coni's comment on the DMC floss. Because I almost peed:
I'll have you know that I am currently in litigation with DMC for breach of patent. I already have scented fibers: dog pee, pizza sauce, vodka tonic, and Gold Bond foot powder. All of MY scents are easy to come by. You just keep your pieces within reach of an incontinent dog, forget to wash your hands after dinner, spill your evening cocktail, and then let your man accidentally step on something from your stitching bag. There. Done.
I also like the Glenna's idea that they had jumped the shark. But that's capitalism for you. They have to think of new ways of giving you the same shit, so you'll keep buying it.

3. Questions about the challenge.
-> Debbie SFL asked: Can non-bloggers participate? Absolutely! All you need is the capacity to send pictures electronically.
-> Lee asked: When you say send a photo or two, does that mean we may stitch it more than once and enter more than once? I was thinking that some people might want to send a photo of the back or side--like if you finish it as a cube or a flatfold. But why not. Let's set a maximum of three entries per person, but you can only win once--that way the lazies who only do one entry have a chance. ;)
-> dd asked: Is it supposed to be finish finished into something? It would seem terribly ironic for me of all people to require an entry to be finished-finished. But I did think finishing would be part of the judging. Let's say if we receive more than two complete but unfinished pieces, we'll choose a winner among them. You know, in case time just gets away from you.

4. Recipe clarification: The Irish Potato recipe calls for 2 lbs of confectioners sugar. Cathy's grandmother called it 10x sugar and if you look on the bag of powdered sugar, it does say that. Confectioner's sugar can be 4x or 10x; this recipe calls for 10x.

I'm still working on the tutorial. I've been spending time out there networking, and I have a few more meetings planned for this week. I'll try to get to it, but once I get on the computer, I find myself easily side-tracked. Like I am right now.


Patti said...

And like I am right now. I love my computer but according to my DH it's attached to my lap via velcro and I think he's right. I get on my iTouch first thing in the morning so that I can look and answer my emails, albeit with only my thumb used in my typing so it takes a while then I come downstairs have breakfast or brunch and then guess what? Even though I promised myself I wouldn't go on here - here I am again. So now I'm going to love and leave you and I'm going to be one of the lazies that only enters once because there is so much I want to stitch. Lots of Love Lazy Patti xxx

Barbeeque4 said...

I just love that article about your g-mother. I had a feisty g-mother also - and she drove the family to distraction with her "colorful" ways!!

Laura said...

Anna, your grandmother would get along swell with mine. She's 93. Last Christmas someone gave her some lottery tickets and she said, "What a terrible thing. If I won they'd put my name in the damn paper!"

Deb said...

Your story about your grandmother made me smile. But you know, I thought about this, and when I get to be that age, I plan on being as cranky as hell as I can too! LOL

doris said...

Coni is too, too funny. Thank goodness my old man cat has so far kept away from my floss for scent-leaving purposes. Ew.

Redwitch said...

Good luck with the networking, hope it leads to something good for you.

Hey, I can relate to the grandmother thing. We lived with my grandmother, she was called Edna. We used to call her 'evil Edna' after a character in Will o the Wisp. I cried when she passed away, but she did try to cut me with a knife once...

mainely stitching said...

I came out of my sugar coma long enough to read your explanation. Thank you! ;)

Julie said...

I just about peed reading your comments about your grandmother! My grandmother is the same. She'll be 90 next month and OMG is she trying, but you know I kind of like it and get a good laugh out of it later, but when its happening I want to be shot, throw myself into traffic or otherwise end my life! When visiting her I'll call my mother and say I wish I were dead! LOL Like when she tried to break into the bank. Oh that was a trip! So, you're not alone. I only hope to live as long as my grandmother has, as healthy as she has and be so confident and strong.

I have thought about doing the challenge, but dear lord I already have a full plate. It will be fun seeing how everyone decides to stitch theirs.

Happy Stitching!

Michelle. said...

This post is funny. I enjoyed visiting.

Have a great weekend!