Monday, January 12, 2009

Envious Mermaid

My mermaid was jealous. She told me Michelle's mermaid had beautiful hair. What was up with hers, she wanted to know. Emerald mermaid has a lot of hair. Hairless mermaid before.

Here she is now.

A lot of times things get lost in the shuffle around here. If you're dying to know about something that seems to have been dropped, don't be afraid to ask. You can always e-mail me.

I think I didn't tell you that I ended up buying three different gifts for the Yankee Swap at work. First I bought a juggling kit at Barnes and Noble. Then someone told me last year's hit gift was a set of wine bottle stoppers, and the juggling kit seemed stupid. The dude took it to his swap*.

Then I bought these plastic party cups. They come with a pen and you fill in the blank to identify your drink. The blank is "_______ well with others." There's lots of room for fun and play in that. I also bought a little drink recipe calendar to go with. But then I thought it was a little cheesy--what if the Dean ended up with that?

So I bought a bottle of $15 wine. It was very popular. The Dean ended up with two movies--the Phillies' celebration video and the Sex and the City movie, and I'm happy that I didn't buy the dean the crap gift. I got the "oh my god, is that today?" present: a university mug, coffee, tea, and biscotti. I don't even drink hot caffiene. The dude, however, loves it.

Clearly I shouldn't have stressed at all. No one else did.

* The woman who got it seemed kind of peeved, so the dude offered to trade whatever crap he ended
up with for the juggling kit. And now he can juggle. That thing really works!


Kristen said...

I think that you previously said that the mermaid would be a gift for your mom. Is this something you would stitch otherwise? It doesn't seem like it's your style.

doahleigh said...

Hey aren't you supposed to be doing those questions I sent? Get on that girl!

C in DC said...

Beautiful mermaid. When she starts getting jealous, remind her that we all have to pass through our teen years at some point.

RE: The peeved woman - does anyone really expect to get something nice at the gift exchange? I'm just excited when I don't end up with the highly ornamental, easily breakable dust-collector that someone is recycling from last year's gifts.

Jacque said...

I'm convinced the dude can do anything...I was seriously impressed with his ice cream making skills!

Patti said...

Your mermaid looks much more better with hair I must say. In fact she is beginning to looks gorgeous. Patti xxx

Michelle said...

Her hair is looking lovely! Great progress! That's so funny he can actually juggle now!

Brigitte said...

Hehehe, a jealous mermaid, lol. But now she can stop this because she's looking so nice now with all her hair.

doris said...

Since the dude can juggle now, maybe he'd like to try my unicycle. I'm still learning how to ride it!