Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas Ornament Meme I

Man, I have been moody lately. I am like Scrooge in a Grinch suit. Don't even ask me about the stupid $10 gender neutral gift for a random coworker. The dude has told me I can't complain about it any more. Thanks, though, for your suggestions. You won't be hearing about it from me again. Well, maybe I'll let you know what kind of shit is cluttering up my work or living space. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

I saw this on Donna's blog. Right now I only have one tree up--they're still working in the kitchen, so the baker's rack is in the tree's spot in the dining room. Soon, though. Wait til you see the new kitchen! :)

Christmas Ornament Meme
How many angel ornaments do you have hanging on your tree? Two

How many star ornaments do you have? None
Do you have a theme tree, and if so, what is it? Both are themed, one is snowmen and the other is full of handmade ornaments. Still leaves two Rubbermaid tubs of ornaments unused.
How many Santa ornaments? Surprisingly they do make a Santa snowman ornament. (And Mrs. Claus)

How many ornaments were handmade by you or your children? On this tree, none.
Are there any food ornaments on your tree? A whole set of baker snowmen...
Are there any ornaments that betray your origins, i.e. where you're from? The ornament my sister gave me last year is from Maine...close enough? (This is so cute, when you turn the ornament around, there's a big glittering snowman butt!)

What's the oldest ornament on your tree? It's a vintage moose ornament. It's allowed because it's all white, and it reminds me of a friend.
What ornament do you have that is the least likely to be hanging on someone else's tree? This one's handpainted so maybe, one of a kind?

And finally, do you have any new ornaments this year? These two are new that I remember. I bought them after Christmas last year. There may be some others, I'm not known for my memory.


Teresa said...

As usual, a fun post. Pleae check my blog- I've left an award there for you.

glamlawlib said...

Scrooge in a Grinch suit? I like that :)

stitcherw said...

I love all your Christmas pictures, fun. My favorite was the handpainted blue one with the Snowman. You're quite a bit ahead of me on decorations. Other than my outdoor Christmas flag and front door wreath I've not done anything for Christmas yet. I need to get moving. Your earlier progress pics were so pretty, love the SB stocking.

Michelle said...

Such sweet ornaments! I love that you have an all-snowman (and moose) tree.