Saturday, November 01, 2008

Día de los Angelitos

Not to brag, but By the Sea isn't the only Christmas present I've already stitched. I finished this for Sissy, but that was back in August, so you're forgiven for not remembering it. ;) Anyway, it's not a contest.
Emerald Mermaid SAL with Michelle
--yes! Check it.
By the Sea--Finished!! Here.
SB Stocking for BIL--started
SB Stocking for cousin--I purchased the pattern, fibers, and linen. Which is really more than I thought I'd do. :)
Work on DD's RR--yes!
Stitch Anniversary Prize--done! Now to send it. What is it with me and the post office?
Travel Project Monthly Mania--worked a little bit on November (left).
For November
Stitch (and send!) anniversary prize
Stitch and send F&S by 11/21

Continue Emerald Mermaid SAL
SB Stocking for BIL

SB Stocking for cousin
Stitch LHN's "The Angel's Sang" for Aunt
Finish MIL's stash and dash bags (it's true; they're not done. But since I will spend a million dollars sending her gift, who cares when I finish?)


LadyDoc said...

You are AMAZINGLY productive- very impressive!

BTW- I have the same problem- what is it about going to the PO that causes MAJOR procrastination?

Ruth said...

Well, so, how many kids did you get last night? I'm curious. Ok, maybe I'm bored, but then again I'm at work, what do ya want?

Congrats on all the stitching/gift accomplishments. You're inspirational..... now where did I put that piece for my nephew?....