Sunday, November 09, 2008

Alumnae Club Craft Circle

I have a lovely picture of our club president learning to knit from a woman from the class of 1947, but I don't think I can slap it up here without permission. I planned to work on the mermaid but forgot a needle. Lots of people offered me yarn needles, but since I am working on 32 count fabric those were a little big. Well, huge. Someone dug around in her sewing kit and came up with a tapestry needle. Probably a 24 or 26, but really, beggars can't be choosers. Tomorrow I'll take a photo and you can see the progress on the tale.

We've decided to knit hats for Save the Children. So next time we meet, I'm trading in the tapestry needle for a pair with no eyes.

In the meantime, feast your eyes here. These are the photos I promised of the gifts that arrived last week. Sorry, blogger is flipping my photos. These are both sideways. But this is why god made your neck a pivot joint.

Two(!) of Jennifer's beautiful hand dyed threads. The orange is called "Autumn Leaves" and the brown is called "Apple Cider." I've got the perfect plan for these.

This is the birthday gift from Barbara. I love it all, but that reform school girl card rocks. And I've got an idea for that "Don't Bug Me" pattern.

So people keep sending things and giving me big ideas. Thanks a lot, folks, like I don't get big ideas on my own! I should write these things down before I start forgetting...

Thanks, Barbara and Jennifer. You make me believe in the inherent goodness of stitchers.


LadyDoc said...

Those threads are GORGEOUS! What nice friends you have!

Rachel said...

Jennifer's dying is coming along beautifully. I love both of these.

karenv said...

Lovely gifts!

Barbara said...

There is a Santa, Virgina. ;)

Hey, I love those threads from Jennifer. What talent!

Good luck with the hats. Must master that knitting thing ... one of these days. Maybe when we get a bigger house, so I have a place to keep my yarn. LOL!

Megan said...

Lovely gifts, but I particularly love those hand-dyed threads. Yummy!