Friday, October 24, 2008

That Piecework Biscornu

You saw that biscornu that won the PieceWork Excellence in Needle Arts Awards pincushion contest, right? (If not, it's over there <---.) Well, the new PieceWork has the directions for a companion piece, the Blackberry Truffel Tuffet, which I like a little better because it's a little less gaudy. Just a smidge.

You might want to put your thinking cap on because they've announced the 2009 contest: brooches. I can't find the rules online (duh) but I seem to recall that the deadline is April 1. Or thereabouts.

Also they reminded me that you should come to Philadelphia. PMA is exhibiting quilts from Gee's Bend. This exhibit has traveled across America, but this is the last stop. It closes December 14. PMA also recently opened a whole new building devoted to costume and textiles. (You should look through those pages because there is a lot of interesting information about how they created the new storage for the bags and hats and textiles that textile geeks can deeply appreciate. You will also see how absurdly some project conservators dress. Pay attention. There will be a quiz.)

While you're here, you can take the short trip to Lancaster to see Rags to Rugs: Pennsylvania Hooked and Handsewn Rugs at the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum; there's lots to see in that area for textile enthusiasts. And eat.


LadyDoc said...

Thanks for the reminder- I HAVE to get down to that exhibit!

NO thanks about the biscornu contest- I am NOT starting anything else new until I finish SOMETHING that I already have in the works AND do at least a few things from my "enough to last if I live until I'm 130" stash.

Donna said...

I saw the Gee's Bend exhibit in Baltimore. Not as good as the original exhibit, but still extremely interesting. I especially liked seeing what they did with the leftover fabric from making products for Sears - back in the day, so to speak.

Lelia said...

I saw the biscornu (pincushion winner) on-line and in the magazine. Didn't realize the next issue had a companion piece!!! Thx for the heads up.

They had some interesting pincusions - imo.

ENjoy your week-end