Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Christmas Winge

Last Saturday, the dude and I brought boxes and boxes to the post office to send things to our European friends and family. We got a heaping helping of bad news. The P.O. has discontinued surface mail. On some level--the level where gifts I send in October show up in March--this is good news. On another level I spent over $200 sending about $150 worth of crap to England.

Next year everyone's getting gift certificates to amazon.co.uk.

This also means that, in the future, anything that doesn't fit in an envelope isn't being shipped to my European stitching friends. Sorry, gals.


Kendra said...


Gift cards are definitely the way to go. That's what we've done for most folks on our gift list this year, with the exception of some stitchy gifts for my mom and toys/stuff for our girls.

wakana said...

Hello, I read your blog regulary but this is my first time to leave a comment :-) I send boxes to Japan often so I was also surprised they stopped the surface service. The lady at the P.O. weighed my box and had me re-pack it in their priority mail box - it was still expensive (it was flat-rate about $40, 20 pound limit) but I saved about $13. I brought couple of priority mail boxes home to pack them up with Christmas goodies, but the postage is so expensive sometimes I wonder if the things I send are worth the stamps!

Barbara said...

We are actually not exchanging gifts this year. It's bizarre - grandparents not sending gifts to grandkids - but when the postage costs more than what you're sending, reality just has to step in.

Michelle said...

Oh no - what a pain! I hate to have to factor shipping costs into the amount I budget for spending on someone - but sometimes it has to be done!!