Friday, September 05, 2008


I really didn't mean to imply my readers were lemmings or stalkers with that last post. But it's like I open my mouth and insert my foot. It comes across as charming in real life. I just think Blogger should have thought out the name a bit better.

Just to update you on a few stories we've been following:
The crazy cab ride from hell to the airport, ended in the dismissal of the driver--the straw that broke the camel's back I was told--and we got $50 in funny money from the cab company. Good thing because we are going away in October. Not to Thailand. Have you seen this? (Be sure to look at the photos on the right, and don't stop clicking until you see the giant machete.) We were going to go to Montana instead, but they close the state from September until ski season. Hawaii is too far and Europe too expensive. Anyway, at some point in the near future, Bermuda. And we'll be able to use the funny money to ride to the airport.

There is no word on the robbery.

You read here and here about the second surprise, the one I forgot to photograph. DD sent me these a while back. This is the second bag, the one you would have thought would have been easier to put together, but c'mon this is me. DD loves her some rich reds. I love that black lining too.

I guess I'm going to have to make myself one before the spring. But what colors?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do love red! I'll choose it almost every time. Thank you, again.

Maybe you would like your bag in a takeoff of your craftroom colors?


Barbara said...

Well. The funny money will come in handy, wherever you go. And yeah, I guess I'd rule out Thailand. ;0

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

What a great bag.

Michelle said...

Love that bag! We are trying to figure out where to go for a trip in the spring next year. I'm not wanting to do anything out of the country right now, just due to Romeo's a shorter, closer to home trip is in order.