Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Doll Parts

When my godfather came back from Vietnam, he brought me two dolls, one from China and one from Japan. I guess there wasn't really a lot of shopping in Vietnam in the late 60s.

This is the Japanese doll. I was endlessly fascinated with her because of the wigs. She's not much of a doll--her dress was just glued together (that I hope to restore) and her body is merely paper. But the wigs! The only person I knew who wore wigs back then was my grandmother. But I knew that these were nothing like hers. I liked how it was clear that there was a wig for each special occasion. Even though I couldn't always tell which was which--even with the guide on the inside of the box--I loved taking her out and changing her wigs.


Yuko said...

Hi Anna,
This doll is very fun for a little girl!
I have never seen this kind of doll, maybe because I was born on 70'?
I used to make Japanese doll in Kimono by papers when I was a little girl! :D

Anonymous said...

Your dolls are very special. I like the wigs, too.


Barbara said...

Doll wigs. I'll need some time to come to grips with the idea of changeable artificial hair for artificial people. LOL!

Barbara said...

Um. It is artificial hair, isn't it? Oh boy, this is really going to bug me now. Ick. A drawerful of teensy little wigs made from real hair. I might have nightmares tonight!

susie said...

I had a doll like this too, in a box like this. I am not sure who gave it to me. I found her fascinating.

Doris said...

i have never seen this kind of doll and i love it, the wigs all!