Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's in the Mail

Things have been coming to and leaving from the mailbox chez Van Schurman; according to due date/purchase date:
The Fair and Square squares I sent to Melita.
CCN's ornament from the JCS Ornament Preview Issue.
Warning: DO NOT cut the fabric to the size they tell you to. You will cry.

The lovely and fabulous F&S squares Melita sent to me after I said, "You can't go wrong with sheep!" And you can't.

The Secret Stitching Project #1 for bestpal's birthday. That's the Silver Needle's JBW exclusive "I Love to Shop..." finished as a little shopping bag for when we go to camp. Secret Stitching project #2 was for DD whose birthday coincided with our trip to Orlando. Imagine--because I forgot to photograph it--the same bag stitched with GAST Cranberry threads and with a blotchy red fabric. Black interior, a last minute substitution because I bought fabric with direction for the lining, and too little at that. But it turns out I like the black better.

I got my copy of the JCS Halloween issue from Vonna. Thanks, Vonna. I can't wait to stitch the monsterbubbles bat and the La D Da feet.

I also received some grab bags from the Silver Needle: a Rainbow Gallery threads bag containing 2 cards of cashmere, 3 cards of silk ribbon, 2 cards of angora, 4 cards of very velvet, 3 cards of rainbow tweed, 4 cards of splendor silk, a card of silk pearl and one of hi-lights; a Thread Gatherer and Caron threads bag containing two skeins of impressions, 2 skeins of shepherd's wool, 4 skeins of sheep's silk, 2 skeins of shepherd's silk and 2 silk 'n colors; and a fabric bag with lots of bits of fabric, perfect for stitching up some of those aforementioned ornaments. Wait, what grab bags? Well you should sign up for their newsletter and then you'd know about these things.

I'm almost ready for the trip to Maine! We're leaving again tomorrow night. But this time, we'll have internet access.


Annemarie said...

Lovely stitchies! I really, really like the bag. Perhaps if I can get myself to open the box carrying my new sewing machine, I will produce a bag of my own to show the world.

staci said...

That is some really fabulous stuff going in and out of your mailbox! Love the bag, it's darling :)

Michelle said...

Oooh what lovelies!!! I love that CCN ornament...it's a must-stitch for me. That bag is adorable - what lucky ladies they are!

Barbara said...

Say hi to Maine from me!!!

Redwitch said...

Lovely squares both sent and received! Lovely 'exclusive' bags too, not seen that JBW design before, I'm not 'exclusive' enough obviously ;)

Sharon said...

Lovely squares and a great bag too.

Ruth said...

High five on the squares and the finishing! ... have fun with the grab bags-- like we need to tell you that. lol

Yuko said...

I love your square very much!
This LHN's design is so cute!
And the JBW's bag is so lovely!!
What a talented lady you are!