Thursday, July 31, 2008


July in review

  • finish Edgar's neighborhood RR check! See it here.
  • start DD's rabbit RR check! I'd show you but it's just a white blob.
  • 10 hours on the apple sampler I did a few minutes...
  • 10 hours on 16th Century Knot Garden check! See it here.
  • 10 hours on Snowman Stocking check! See it here.
  • 10 hours on Anna's Bird I just didn't get around to it
  • bring the total of finished finishes to 8 I'm up to six which is not eight but is closer...
  • blog every day, sometimes about food I didn't make it. Once I didn't blog that first time, it was all to hell. But I think everyone will agree that the interview was important.

For August

  • send Fair and Square sqaures by 8/11
  • bead the Toy Gatherer! 08.08.08-08.24.08
    Even though the goal of Olympic stitching is to be a one at a time stitcher, I'm not going to be able to bead on the bus. I will allow myself travel projects.
  • finish LHN Dog House Sampler
  • continue to work on DD's RR
  • finish Noel ornament
  • sew two messenger bags and a set of stash and dash bags for (dare I say it?) Christmas (Don't forget I have to ship in October.)


Redwitch said...

Wow you've done loads! Congrats and good luck for August.

Your snowman is a cutie too. Can't comment on the dolls I find them scary, I do still have my teddy though which originally belonged to my sister so it's 51 now :)

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with your August goals!