Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News Agent

Thanks for your comments on my doll collection; I do indeed need to invest in stands. I haven't moved Raggedy Annie Beez yet, mostly because she deserves to be seen! Last night I was obsessing over the fact that one of my dolls is a Ginny doll. I spent the evening trying to find out about her online. So I didn't stitch. This morning on the bus, I turned the boner into a bone.

I'm given to understand that people on the innernets like clicking. Here's a gathering of items google alerts shared with me.

# “Like Grandma’s Needlepoint” only art. Now with more dirt.
Seattle artist turns trash to needleworked treasure.

# There’s hope for public school, or something.
Kids learn cross stitch in Wisconsin, among other fun activities.

# Sometimes it can take 13 years to get your story told.
A belated obituary for "Townsend needleworker"

# Why is it crafters can’t leave orphaned items in the shops?
I too bring stuff home I don’t know how I’ll use.

# Why are people still pretending that feminists can’t sew because they "completely" rejected it?
I’m tired.

# Even academics are coming around to pins and needles
This book sounds pretty interesting



Jenna said...

Turned the boner into a bone. ROFL! Interesting articles you turned up there. I can't believe I actually read/skimmed all of them. ;)

XmaryX said...

Great news articles. Thanks for bringing them to our attention! I have to check with my daughter- at some point she was considering taking an archeology course (she's a junior at BU). And Elsa Williams- who knew? I seem to have grown up with her name a constant in my childhood (Mom was an avid needleworker of all types).I wonder why they published this story recently, when she died in 1995.
Glad to see your latest stitch has taken a less provocative turn!

Barbara said...

Interesting articles. Love the line about 'colonial bling' in the last one. LOL. Would gladly enroll my kids in the summer program in Wisconsin!

Redwitch said...

You're so Beavis and Butthead ;)

Great links too!