Saturday, July 12, 2008


The dude finally got off the computer! He's been watching lectures from his library course all day.

I've had a strangely domestic day. In addition to doing four loads of laundry, watering indoor and outdoor plants, and cleaning the kitchen, I rescued the rotting bananas from the fruit bowl. Here they are in their new incarnation as banana muffins. The recipe is from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. Unfortunately, I didn't alter one thing so I can't share the recipe. I can, however, highly recommend that you go get yourself a copy. They have a basic muffin recipe that you can change to accommodate your excess zucchini, abundance of apples, or rotting bananas. I can name about eight recipes in this book that I know by heart because we cook them so often. In fact, the book fell apart right at Hawaiian skillet beans. Which, with hot dogs, is a fabulous summer meal. Look, just because it's a vegetarian cookbook doesn't mean I can't eat an all beef frank with those beans!

Stitching content tomorrow, with photos! I'll have two finishes and Edgar's RR to show.


Kathryn said...

I feel that way about The Microwave Gourmet (Kafka) and the Vegetarian Epicure (Thomas, I and II). The veggie book I will automatically open to Mushrooms Berkley (sweet and sour mushrooms in red wine sauce).

Redwitch said...

Mmmm hungry now!

Barbara said...

I love Moosewood recipes. :D They rock.

But, oh, your blog post title has that song going round in my head now, and I can't think of the all the lyrics ... nana banana bo bana fie fiy fo fana ... Argh! Help!

Lee said...

I'm a huge fan of their Pepper Soup!