Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Bag, finished last night. I'm finished now. I think I have food poisoning.

-----written earlier, waited for photos to post------
I didn't have a chance to post my last list of March, though I did manage to post every day. It's okay anyway, the list was called "List #31: Camp List, the Boring Edition," which was my packing list. Wanted to make sure I made one. I also found a list of lists I had made back in the beginning of the month, in case I ran out of lists. These are the ones that didn't make it:
  1. Design Firm names to Attract New Audiences to Cross-stitch
  2. Projects I really should finish-finish (turns out, there's a lot of overlap with some of the lists you saw here!)
  3. My favorite colors
  4. House Colors (that is, colors my rooms are painted) in DMC numbers
  5. Knitting WIPs

Last month, I set out to stick to a schedule:
Monday: sewing class
Tuesday: Anna's Bird
Wednesday: beading class
Thursday: Apple Sampler
Friday: Emerald Mermaid
Saturday: marquoir

Sunday: marquoir
Traveling piece: Rose Bunnie
I'm going to blog every day in March as well. Lists! Woohoo!

I did go to my classes, but I didn't work on most of these projects. I had also planned on doing the final finishing on four projects since I didn't do the two for February. I have to tell you, I finished one! I am also three inches (of handstitching) from finishing a second. I sewed up and stuffed two more ornaments, but they're left with no trim. Poor things.

At any rate, I'm making just two plans for April:

  1. Go to Camp (April 3-6)
  2. Bring the finish-finishing of 2008 to six items, not counting the ones Mona is giving me at camp.


Anonymous said...

Your messenger bag looks great. Will you post pictures of the inside as well?

C in DC said...

I'm going to miss your lists.

I really like the colors you used for the bag. It looks great.

Enjoy camp!

Anonymous said...

The bag is fabulous!! Love it!

Doris said...

i like your messenger bag,is beutiful,i do one, but i can show yet,beacuse is for a exchange,i hope the girl who i can send enjoy it.

XmaryX said...

Your finish-finishing is going way better than mine: I put them in a drawer and hope the leprechauns take care of them. I must have over a dozen waiting patiently. Love the messenger bag- was that a pattern (McCalls, Simplicity, etc.) or was it something from a class?

Anna van Schurman said...

A dozen? Mary, I have 80!

Lee said...

Your bag looks great! Love the colors.

I sure wish I could swing a springtime camp. Have a wonderful time, and I can't wait to hear all about it! Oh, and eat some extra pie for me, ok?

Oh...the pie, the pie.

Jenna said...

I love the messenger bag. It looks fabulous and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the new fabrics you showed off the other day. :)

When are you going to camp?

XmaryX said...

Well, I know it's about a dozen since I got a set of plastic drawers for ...ahem..."organization"! I've got a box upstairs I haven't looked in for ages and I don't know how many are there. Most of my earlier stuff was totally give-aways. Oh hell- you win! I can't possibly have that many!

Michelle said...

Love the messenger bag - it is beautiful! I love the fabrics you chose.

Ruth said...

Lovely work! Both the bag and your finishing earn you major pats on the back. Just don't pat too hard --- poisoned people should be gentle with themselves!