Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Traveling Man

The good part of traveling and being stuck in airports for five extra hours is that it gives me more time to stitch. {You have to see the bright side.}

I managed to finish July:

Monthly Mania
Heart in Hand Needleart
Stitched on 28 count antique ivory
with the recommended flosses.

I started Rose Bunnie. I realized that I had only kitted a few of my traveling projects (Monthly Manias), and that I would finish the last of them on this trip. So I grabbed a smallish project. It’s so cute.

Rose Bunnie
Liberty Street Designs
Stitched on 32-count hand-painted La Fern
Liberty Fabric
With lots of color substitutions: WDW Carrot for the carrot; GAST Harvest Basket for the bunny; DMC 3740 instead of Anchor 894/DMC 224—the DMC was too shell pink to match with “light wineberry” (DMC 778). I’m going to use white Whisper instead of light brown for the tail because that’s the kind of bunny that roams these parts.

I also had a little time to work on the Apple Sampler.

Another good part about traveling (outside the airports) is that you have the opportunity to meet people who you never would have known existed if it weren’t for stitching and blogging. I got to meet Jacque. I don’t know how it works that I have enjoyed meeting so many different blogging stitchers IRL. For me, the real wonder is that I have truly enjoyed it. Meeting new people is sort of difficult for me. I never know what to say…but you wouldn’t have guessed it Saturday night! What’s really sort of a marvel is that all we all have in common is making little exes on fabric. And yet…

I called Jacque after we got to our hotel and we made dinner plans. She took the dude and me out to a nice Italian place where I ate as many vegetables as they would give me (you have to do this when your main goal is to eat lots of Q). The dude—why he lets me drag him out with so many strangers I’ll never know—enjoyed himself too. Then we tried to find some nightlife—there was lots of it, but not so much parking. We ended up back in our hotel in the Drum Room, where Frank Sinatra used to hang when he was in town. Jacque promised to come to Philadelphia so that we can take her (and Mark!) out to dinner. Note to self: research Philadelphia nightlife. (We are so lame.) Thanks again, Jacque, and do let me know when you’re coming to town! Full report on the Q here.


monique said...

Ah, yes... good old airport stitching. I've done my fair share of that. Nice progress :)

Jacque said...

Sweet bunny photo!

I'm still laughing about your reaction to being in Kansas for 20 seconds! : )

Barbara said...

Your stitching is great! Congratulations on making such excellent use of 'dead' time in airports! I'll be chasing toddlers around during our layovers, I'm sure.

Jenna said...

Glad to hear that your trip was a success, even if you spent more time in an airport than comfort allows.

Michelle said...

Love that little bunny, and I have a soft spot in my heart for sunflowers. That apple sampler is going to be gorgeous when it is finished. Love the red!