Monday, February 18, 2008


Here is the puppy quilt that I made for my niece. It was a very successful present. She didn't shriek like she did over the stocking I made, but she did jump up and give Uncle Dude a big hug. Clearly, she has no idea which side the bread is buttered on. But that runs in the family; when sissy was little, she always flipped her toast* as she brought it up to her mouth and ate butter side down.

I used the directions that Wendy over at Knit and Tonic shared. In the future, I would make one change: Some of the squares fell apart in the washing machine. However, the edge was double stitched--straight stitch then zigzag over it. It held much better than the straight stitch. (I spent a lot of time repairing holes after I washed it.) Even better, the zigzag looks cute! So next time, I'd do a zigzag stitch instead. The most exciting part for me is that the squares on the back actually match up square. I must be getting the hang of this sewing thing. (It was a good idea to back it in horses, XMaryX, but this is a self backing "quilt"...)

Good news, CinDC found her floss box. Thanks for taking the quiz. It seems I should have added another option, the question my mother always asked when I couldn't find something: "did you try looking with your eyes open?" And you wonder how I got to be a bitch?

Can I make 31 lists? Surely. Could I make 31 blog-relevant lists? That might push me off the deep-end. I'll think about it, Diane.

*Or blueberry toasties, remember those from Howard Johnson's available in your grocer's frozen food aisle?


XmaryX said...

Cool quilt, Anna! It looks nice and soft- perfect for little toes!
I loved the HoJo's corn toasties myself!

Lee said...

Excellent quilt! I'm sure it'll be loved forever.

And I love the eyes open line. Gotta add that to my repetoire.

Redwitch said...

That's one cute quilt, love ruffled edge effect :)

Mmmm am so yearning for blueberry toasties they sound fab!

Anonymous said...

I love the flannel quilt. I bought the instructions for it a long, long time ago. (luckily,no date block involved) I think it's time to get around to making it for the next time lazy government employees get to stitch and lie around on the couch for three days!

C in DC said...

Cute quilt.

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt! But I don't understand her instructions -- I'll call you before I start to make it. I tried patchwork squares for the newest BMC baby, but it ended up being a bit wonky. The fraying looks like it would cover up and errors.

Miriam said...

I like that quilt! Hrm. Maybe that's a good project for all the little dog handkerchiefs my MIL keeps saving from the grooming appointments ... a weird and difficult collection of scraps to figure what to do with!

Michelle said...

The puppy quilt came out really cute. I think those type of quilts look so cozy with all the frayed edges.