Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beading Boot Camp II

Here's my "Not an Illusion" necklace. I used vintage beads, small periwinkle beads (it featured in this necklace too) and some pretty expensive blue Tiger's eye. I always seem to make the most expensive jewelry in the class. But they told us for next week to bring our leftover beads; we're making a fringe bracelet.
And the rest of the schedule...
Week 3: regal chain necklace
Week 4: chain drop earrings
Week 5: knotting II

Sorry, my neck model is ill and even her neck looks sick. It's a nasty sore throat and body aches.


Kim said...

I don't get the title but it's pretty! What's a fringe bracelet, or do I have to wait until next week?

Anna van Schurman said...

We both have to wait until next week!

Casa Pearl said...

Kudos on the beading - that's a lovely necklace.

I tagged you for 7 random things because you've got one of my favorite blogs! Please check mine for the details and I hope you don't mind.

Aussie Stitcher said...

You are doing really well with the beading, love the necklace. LOL about your comment regarding 'removalists', you go girl, good luck on trying to change a nation!!!

Michelle said...

I just love seeing your beading class projects - wish I could join you. You should enjoy the fringe bracelet, if it's what I think it is. You can look in my webshots misc. album for a look at one I made.