Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where's My Blue Bird of Happiness?

I didn't start Spring Flowers last night. When I went to pull the floss, I realized that I had hardly any of it. I spent most of the night addressing the belated New Year cards instead; just one batch left to do (international friends and family). I don't know what I am going to work on tonight. Everything I look for seems to be hidden away.

I finished the May Monthly Mania this morning on the El. On the way home, I started June to the sounds of this kid hockling away. It was sort of a snot snort mixed with kennel cough (if your dog's had that, you won't soon forget it). I think he must be really sick, like with some kind of lung disease rather than just bad manners and a cold. But even while I chant, "it's medical, it's medical" to myself, it's grossing me out so much that I actually dry heaved tonight. So that's what it's like on my commute (this is the second day with that kid; I'm going to have to leave earlier).

Dear readers, I wish I had the energy to make this post even remotely interesting, but it's all just weighing rather heavily on me right now.


Brave Astronaut said...

Hey, we have that. Best Pal made one for August, one for December, and one for May. Now the problem is finding similar but different ones to make two other December ones.

C in DC said...

Sorry to hear that January is the month of dry heaves. I hope you're feeling all better soon.

The bluebird is very cute. Who's the designer on these?

Barbara said...

I don't really miss public transportation when I read posts like this! LOL!

Isabelle said...

Wow, I hope that kid gets better!
Your bluebird is super cute.

Anonymous said...

I love commuting in my car with XM Radio. I might sit in traffic, but I don't have to deal with other people. I love your May finish....are you stitching these in a particular way?