Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adult School

Tonight when I was leaving work, big fat snowflakes were falling bringing a certain festivity to the city. I was really looking forward to coming home, opening the drapes on the picture window, turning off all the lights, and watching it snow. Alas, by the time I got off the bus, the big fat snowflakes had turned to sleet. Very unpretty. And I left my favorite hat on the bus this morning.

While I'm whinging, I'm still not well. Why just nausea? Why isn't this turning into a full-blown yuck? (The dude has it too, so no funny suggestions.)

In the good news front, I received the adult school catalog the other day and it looks like I will have new beading and sewing projects to show you starting in late February. Yay! I think I might work on Sissy's weekender bag on Mondays just to get into training for being back in sewing class. That, and classes start the week after Sissy's birthday, so I am going to have to go it alone. Well, not totally alone.

Here's a scan of the April Monthly Mania, which I did not forget on the bus.


Kim said...

Gotta love the adult ed classes :-) Do they do other crafts also? Here the most popular craft they teach is pottery. If they have it by you totally try it.

Barbara said...

Sorry to hear you guys are still not feeling well. Lots of creeping crud making the rounds here, too. :(

XmaryX said...

Could you have some other infection? I tend to get nauseous with strep or a bad sinus infection.
Sucks about the hat.
Now get to bed with some chicken soup & ginger ale!

anniebeez said...

Maybe you are going to hear the pitter-patter of tiny Dude and Anna feet in your near future? All the times I have been preggo(and that is a LOT since I have millions of kids!)it has always begun with unexplained nausea! Just a thought Anna! :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Annie, Since the dude isn't pregnant, FOR SURE, I'm going with we've got something else. I'm going to have to thank you for your helpful suggestion and send you home with some parting gifts.

Michelle said...

I hope the nausea goes away soon - no fun! Yay - new beading and sewing classes!