Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the Flight Deck

My MIL's internet connection was dial-up. My nephews played Harry Potter computer games non-stop. My SIL's computer was in the 3 year old's room (& u think u've got space problems). I've got 3 more hrs in the airport, so I spent £2 for 10 min on the computer. 2 mns left. Don't bring scissors to the UK. Can't fly with those internally nor outbound. No knitting needles. No petite tapestry needles either (mine confiscated on flt to Newcastle). Keyboard impossible--more tomorrow.


jo said...

You've been missed!
Can't wait to read the long update :-) said...

What about emroidery needles? What do you think? Is that considered a small tapestry needle?

Of course it would be hard to do my embroidery on a plane with no scissors.

C in DC said...


Welcome back to the land of convenience. You've been missed.

jo said...

I would think embroidery needles would be even worse than tapestry needles. Tapestry needles are blunt and embroidery needles are sharp.

Geggie said...

Hi Anna,

I've left a comment with my email and sent you an email and haven't heard from you. I want to get you your Burt's Bees gift before Christmas if possible. Can you please email me at geg5150 at gmail dot com