Sunday, November 04, 2007

Upping the Old Lady Count

I don't know why this article just popped up on google's radar, since it was written back when hockey season was ending last year (5/2006). Hockey News wanted to make sure that fans had some way to fill their time. Apparently, making fun of others was the primary objective...
10. Needlepoint/Macramé/Crochet/Quilting: This group of octogenarian babes is a feisty crew. The one with the excessive chin hair kind of reminds me of Nana. It's nice we can all share a project like this. We each have our own piece and we each respect the other's space...Whoa. An elbow to the head from Gerta. Well then, take that. How's that artificial hip feel now, missy? A punch to the gut from Gerta's wingmate Audrey. Nice technique. I think Mabel may have drawn blood with that cross-check, I mean, cross-stitch. Wow. Finally, my kind of people. (emphasis added)
Because we all know the opposite of hockey is needlework. I have an idea, let's get a few thousand hockey fans who also stitch to show up at a hockey game with their needlework. (Hello, Canada?) Screw baseball.

Old Lady Count: 5

Thanks much for all your good wishes for my shoulder. I wish I knew what was causing it because then I would feel much more confident using heat (or ice) to help the pain. I also wish it didn't feel worse when I lie prone. (Go figure.) Because then I might sleep!


Barbara said...

I followed the link and have to say that the whole article is pretty dumb. As in, if I wrote it, I certainly wouldn't admit to it.

I hope you can soon find some relief from your shoulder pain. Anything that prevents sleep is BAD, in my humble little opinion. Take care!

Kendra said...

A suggestion for your shoulder: pleurisy. Earlier this summer, I woke up with a searing pain in my shoulder blade. It killed when I took a deep breath or coughed. Nothing would alleviate the pain, rubbing, stretching, etc.
I went to the doctor and he diagnosed pleurisy. He gave me some Celebrex for the pain and that took care of it. He said I'll probably have to deal with flare-ups here and there for the rest of my life (joy!), but that the overall deal wouldn't affect my life (thankfully!).
Good luck figuring it out...pain is no fun, especially when said pain keeps you from sleeping!