Monday, October 29, 2007

And They are Out of Here

Wow. What a momentous day! When I woke up, the Sox had won, my mother has a free dining room table, and the fil and his gf won't be there when we get back! Frabjous day!

If you want to read a bit about what we did this weekend, you can see it here. The gf seemed to get better, and she does do so much to lead my hapless fil around, but then on Saturday night she said the most vile thing and it made me wonder if she has some sort of "brain injury" that prevents her from filtering what she says. But then she tried to gently suggest to the fil that he might not see so much of us when we are on our trip to England, having just spent all this time with him. He doesn't get it, but she seems to. So confusing. But they are gone now and we should put the past away.

Thanks to all for your encouragement about finishing the stocking. (I think I can; I think I can; IthinkIcan...) I have lots of things to show you...if I could just find the camera. Soon, my pretties, soon.


Melissa said...

Your FIL's girlfriend, OMG! What is she thinking?

Also, I have absolutely no doubt you will do a beautiful job finishing your stockings. They will be gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Congratulations for surviving it and her. Yes, please, photos!!!