Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ordinary Me: Y

Y: Yogurt I am a huge fan of the Greek yogurt, Fage. It's not like the national brand yogurts made with gelatin. It's got such a creamy consistency. Mmmm. I never thought I'd wax poetic about yogurt (oh, have you?) but there you go.

Yeh-yay-yoh! I have no idea how to spell this. This is the best the dude and I can do. This is what Yay-o says when something stinks (and the origin of her nom de blog). It's very convenient to have a little secret code to say in public when something (or someone) smells. The dude and I use it all the time. When I was in ME with my parents, my dad said, "Whoa-aoh!" which is another thing my niece says a lot. Apparently, we're all a bunch of meanies imitating a retarded child. (With love, it's all with love.)

Yourami When Lala was 2 1/2 or 3, her dad took a trip. She asked her mother where he had gone; my cousin said, "Miami." The next day, my cousin asked Lala where daddy was, in one of those teacherly moments good parents have with their children. Lala thought for a minute then said brightly, "Your-ami!" I think watching children acquire language is the most fascinating thing about them.

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