Sunday, August 05, 2007

Five Hours on Tall Flowers

This is more than five hours, but I find it difficult to count my hours when I am stitching on public transportation.

I have begun clearing out the craft room so that we can finish our last room (okay, the bathrooms need painting, but that is small potatoes compared to the rest of the rooms). Today we should get the carpet up. This week we'll prep the room for painting. Oh, why take the carpet up first? Because underneath the outstanding green shag is an old rubber mat. That disintegrates on contact. It's going to make red rubber dust, and I do not want that on freshly painted walls! So carpet up then paint. I'm doing some decorative painting, and my graphic designer friend at work is going to give me some pointers on that. After that I get my Pottery Barn project table! Then you all can have a look. Don't hold your breath--I'm guessing you won't see a photo until September.

The good news is that I found my punchneedle and the patterns it ran off with. They were hiding behind the shelving unit. Of course!

No posts tomorrow...I'm off to Newport, RI to interview a major donor.


Red said...

Yep...the backstitching made your flower piece "pop"...looks great.
Newport aye? Enjoy...and catch a glimpse of some of those mansions if you have time...take a stroll on the Cliff walk...spectacular. If you don't have least try and have lunch at the Black Pearl on Bowen's Wharf.

Jenn L said...

Flowers looks great!! The BS really did make a difference.

As for keeping track of time on mass transit, I just mark down how long the trip itself is minus 5 minutes (to allow for time to get settled into my seat and pull everything out of my briefcase. I'm still stitching when the train stops and the doors open (I get off at the last stop) so packaway is technically after the trip is complete. :)

Barbara said...

Green shag carpeting?!! Oh boy, I'd almost give up my no-carpet rule if I could have some of that!! :D

Lee said...

The flowers look really great. You made a good decision!

coral said...



Michelle said...

The flowers look beautiful - you were right about that backstitching. Did you get my email about the trip?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Tall flowers looks great, hope you have time for some r&r while in Newport.