Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Counter Clockwise

A news story from the heartland: 4-H Royalty Crowned.

In addition, [our queen] finds time to be involved with the Tech Committee, Small Animal Association and Slow Spokes. A member of Whiteford Workers, she excels in communication projects and needlework. Her favorite project area, though, is consumer education, where she won a trophy this week.

"One of the requirements is to go shopping, and I love shopping," she said. "It helps me (discipline) myself to watch my spending on outfits."

She won a trophy in modeling Thursday morning and dressed in a tan-and-white business suit that she also wore to her royalty interview and for the State Award. She also earned sweepstakes at the 2007 fair for her achievement booth, greeting cards, jewelry and countered cross-stitch. She also took part in seven communications projects on the same day last week.

Do you think "consumer education" teaches the 4-H-ers that you don't need all the things "they" tell you you need? Does it help people understand false consciousness and the ways which corporations exploit consumers for fun and profit? Does it teach them to have hobbies that aren't shopping? Does it suggest that the kids "make it do or do without?" I thought not. But she is learning to "watch her spending." I love that. I just imagine her saying, "I'm watching all my money float out of my wallet" while Disney princesses float around her head singing about things she should buy to be popular.

But I digress. What is it this thing they call countered-cross stitch? A prize to the person whose definition makes me laugh out loud.


monique said...

A queen who wears the same outfit more than once? bah.

Countered Cross Stitch is a sport, btw. Stitchers face off and must each (in turn) present a stitched item better than the one their opponent just presented. Grueling, really... I'm impressed with her stamina.

C in DC said...

Countered cross-stitch: working at the diner while stitching?

Anyway, it looks like all that "countering" paid off: "she has a passion for math and will study actuarial science (working with insurance companies to settle claims) this fall at Michigan State University." Although I don't understand why they felt compelled to explain what acturial science is and then they didn't quite get it right anyway.

Jenna said...

Now see here, young lady. There's no reason for you to go a-makin' fun of my accent. Just 'cause you're a high-fallutin' thing living out there in the East doesn't mean your English is better 'n mine. It's countered cross stitch. Just like I'm so proud of my little girl who countered from one ter three just the other day. She's only ten years old and she only had to use her fingers once. Imagine that. ;)

Michelle said...

Countered - a verb - To move or act in opposition to; oppose.

Needlework undertaken in an effort to push the boundaries of society's view of those who stitch. See also Subversive Cross-stitch.

I'm sure she's stitched her share of Kleenex box cosies that say "F Off".

Kathryn said...

Countered cross stitch, when it's too wimpy to stitch the FRONT of the canvas. Countered cross stitch stitches only from the back. You are not allowed to turn the fabric over until you are done and it better be perfect.

Coral said...

Damn, I did leave a comment and it's disappeared!

Let me see if I can remember;-

Encountered is when you 'come across' (not a smutty expression at all!) an object.

Countered is when you don't, so the cross stitch she does, doesn't exist!!!

But I like Jenna's best!!!