Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What crafts have you tried?

I found this craft meme when I was poking around:
Bold the crafts you've done, even a little; italicize the ones you'd like to try; and strike the ones you are not interested in.

Glass blowing You do not want me to play with fire!
Glass beadmaking
Stained glass Acetylene torch?
Mosaics Maybe for a home decor project.
Handsculpting clay We totally had to do this in art class.
Clay wheel pottery They want you to think Ghost, but it seems really frustrating to me.
Polymer clay
Macramé or knotwork I was around in the 70s.
Quilting My mom had a quilt shop.
Sewing clothing Home ec. So sad.
Sewing curtains/slipcovers/home decor I think you've seen the evidence.
Millinery Do people even wear hats anymore?
Spinning Knitting takes me long enough!
Rug hooking
Weaving I can't tell you the number of polyester potholders I've woven.
Batik Crafty child of the 70s...
Tie-dye I used to do the tieing for the dude
Silk painting The dude's aunt does this. I'll leave it to her.
Sun painting
Multimedia collage Two of my college projects--in English classes--were multimedia collage. It was fun.
Flower arranging
Cake/cookie decorating Another afterschool class I took to stay out of trouble.
Painting (oil/acrylic) I used to paint scenes on my bedroom window with acrylic paints.
Painting (watercolor) Childhood art class.
Painting (airbrush) Seems spendy.
Pencil/charcoal drawing More of that art class that gave me panic attacks (and I was about 5).
Colored pencil drawing
Leather carving
Leather painting But I am going to try to dye a leather chair someone gave me.
Leather stamping Camp: leather belt, letter dies, hammer. Ugly, but great stress relief!
Lino/rubber stamp cutting Middle school art class.
Doll work I had a doll house (ill fated) and I've made doll faces from pantyhose.
Die cutting Is this a craft unto itself? Seems like some of these are part of a more interesting larger craft.
Shadow boxes
Shrines/mini-shrines My dissertation director had a Day of the Dead shrine that I always wanted to copy. So I've thought about it. But now I have my own Dia de los Muertos figures.
Candle making Remember those candles you made in the orange juice containers with ice? Or by fluffing up the wax with an old eggbeater?
Soap making
Crewel embroidery Where it all began...
Punch-loop embroidery I've done it once, but I think I'm forgetting how. So I bought a couple of books which I will review soon.
Crochet I've rarely seen something I had to make that was crocheted.
Paper marbling
Paper Tole I won't lie to you; when I was a kid I thought this stuff was cool. Now, not.
Quilling I taught myself how to do this after seeing some ornaments at a craft fair. My mother used to run the Christmas bazaar at my high school, and she would make me quill ornaments. Then sell them for a quarter each. I grew up holding my bowl and asking, "Please, sir, may I have some more?" too.
Woodworking Everyone in my middle school took wood shop and metal shop.
Wood carving Working with sharp knives and resistant material sounds like a bad idea.
Wood burning Wood shop again.
Stone carving See wood carving.
Metal jewelry work
Armor making I'm not in the SCA.
Wire work
Fleece washing Is fleece washing a craft unto itself? Am I really washing some fleece and going on to the next fleece washing project without doing something with this washed fleece? This list sucks.
Fleece dyeing I'm guessing I'm not dyeing if I'm not spinning
Drum carding This is a separate craft from the rest of this crazy (fleecey) list?
Handpainting fibers
Material cutting What now? I've cut fabric for patterns, does that count?
Eclectic Spinning As opposed to all the other kinds of spinning I want to do?
Kettle dyeing Again with the dyeing!
Needle Felting. I've been thinking about getting these kits.
Wet Felting
Wool Felting
Solar Dyeing I wouldn't say never.
Lampwork beads I would say never.
Soap Carving What am I, in jail?
Wood Turning I know we had the equipment in wood shop, I must have.
Thread Making Is that a craft or an industry? I think it's more spinning, and I'm starting to hate the woman who wrote this list!
Foam Carving Um, what? Okay, this. No.
Furniture Recovering
Furniture Refurbishing
Drift Wood crafts Can you say tacky?
Sea Shell Polishing There's such a thing as sea shell polishing? Apparently it devalues the shell for collectors, so I won't.
Rock Polishing I had one of those rock tumblers when I was a kid--impossible to use. I didn't get very far, but if we find the machine in my parents' attic, there are opals in there.


C in DC said...

This list just reinforces for me the idea that if you're inclined to be crafty, you will often experiment in a number of areas.

What did you make in shop? I still use the lamp base that I made, and my mother still has the candle sconces that we 3 kids all made. (They're a matched set, sort of.)

Anna van Schurman said...

In wood shop, I think I made one of those peg games with holes drilled in the sides to hold the pegs. I still have the clipboard my sister made that has a big heart for the clip. I prefered metal shop: I made a trivet out of metal swirls--I loved soldering!--and a match holder. I can't really describe the latter. How could I have been in shop so often and made so little? (I think we alternated with music, art, home ec (cooking) and home ec (sewing).)