Thursday, June 07, 2007


I've been reading how lots of people are making themselves finish things before they make new starts, like Cathy. I, on the other hand, am the poster child for undisciplined stitchers everywhere. And here's the proof:

Cricket Collection
A Summer Place
called for R&R 30-count celadon linen and DMC

This is just so fun and summery I can't put it down. But I am trying because I would like to finish part four of the marquoir soon some time ... ever.


Kathryn said...

If you can't work on what you love, then why stitch at all? Yes, sometimes we need to push through on a project that we no longer fancy, but for the most part we finish what we love. It's a lovely summer pattern. Go for it.

Cathy said...

I love the summer colors. And yep, I'll be at S&P. I thought you knew that already, sorry. I'm going with my sister, which means I'll be sitting among a whole lot of knitters. I still have no idea what I'm bringing with me, though.

Kathryn said...

The weather forecast for Las Vegas:

Yes, we will be above 100 again. Now this would be horrible in Pennsylvannia (I lived in Johnstown for a time), but here the humidity is less than 8%. You will need sunscreen and you will need to drink LOTS of water. We have water in the car for even a 1/2 hour trip.

Michelle said...

I too have a habit of starting new things, although I do keep trying to make myself finish some stuff. Love this piece - it is so summery and fun looking.

Lelia said...

It is too difficult to 'finish' stuff. It is easier to launch into new projects IMO. Plus, it is nice to have a large selection of WIPs to choose from LOL