Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What Shall I do in May?

1. Finish the Tall Flowers sampler
2. Finish the Alpine sampler UFO
3. Work on the marquoir
4. Work on a birth sampler

I am going back to the Alpine Garden UFO. I need a quick present for my aunt's 60th birthday party. The mistakes I made in it weren't as bad as I remembered, so I think I can finish it pretty quickly. I purchased the bell pull hardware aeons ago (because, you know, it was going to be a wedding present in 2002). I'm glad I have a reason to finish this now. I hope that I can meet the May 26th mailing deadline.

I'm not only picking this because I can finish it soon. My aunt lives in the mountains, so she will love this piece. She's also been through some tough times lately, and I think a message of strength, hope, faith, and all the rest of it would be appropriate. Let's hope we can get those creases out of the fabric!


Linda litlaskvis said...

Good luck with finishing Alpine Garden. It is a beautiful piece.

Oh, and when you do make it over to Iceland, let me know and we can have coffee or something :)

Chelle said...

Alpine Garden sounds like the perfect gift. I hope the rest stitches up quickly!

Michelle said...

It does sound like a perfect gift for her, and you should be able to meet your deadline. I love it on that fabric.