Monday, May 21, 2007

Spreading the Good News

Thursday we flew off to Texas and while I was stitching to pass the time while those heading to Nashville got off the plane, I noticed that two women were talking about how I was stitching. They were intently watching me stitch, because, apparently, they had never seen anyone using the sewing method in cross stitch. We had a nice little chat, and that was two more stitchers taught.

On my return, I was stitching in the gate area, and when a woman saw my scissors she wanted to know how I had gotten those through security? Had they just not noticed? (As if. Do you know how heightened security is in Texas? You can imagine...) I broke the news to her that she had been avoiding bringing her embriodery with her on airplanes for two years too many.

I spent many hours in the airport stitching (we gave up our seats for free tickets), and have made some real progress on La D Da's "Sweet Dreams" which I am making into a birth sampler for my nephew Alex.


xsquared said...

Wait, you can bring embroidery scissors on planes now? I had no idea! I thought you could only bring blunt tipped, kindergarten-type scissors.

Michelle said...

I'm so curious to see how you stitch now. Your piece is looking so pretty!