Friday, April 20, 2007

More Bus Talking

The other night on the bus, I was working on Tall Flowers. This sniffly little boy got on, and sat right near me. I thought I was going to hate him, but he charmed me utterly.

The boy, Rich: What are you sewing?
Me: It's called a sampler that's because it has letters on it.
Rich: My grammy sews.
Grammy: It's needlepoint.
Rich: Right now, she's sewing a pillow that says, "Quiet, baby sleeping."
Me: Is there a new baby in your family?
Rich: It's my sort of cousin.
Me: Sort of?
Rich: It's my stepdad's sister.
Grammy: Step-grandfather's daughter.
Me: Your sort-of cousin. [But really, people, isn't everyone a cousin--who keeps track of the removes and the half and the steps. So much trouble, cousin!]
Rich: What's your name?
Me: Me. What's your name?
Rich: Rich.
Me: Do you know what my father's name is?
Rich: No.
Me: Rich.
Rich: Do you know what my great-grandfather's name is?
Me: No.
Rich: Rich. Do you know what my grandfather's name is?
Me: Rich?
Rich: Yup. Where do you live?
Me: Havertown.
Rich: I live in Havertown too. Where do you live?
Me: I live near the [shopping center].
Rich: I don't know where that is.
Grammy: Is that where the [grocery store] is?
Me: Yes.
Grammy to Rich: It's where the [grocery store] is.
Rich: That's good, then you can walk to get your groceries.
Me: That's right.
Rich: How do you know where to stitch?
Me: [explains difference between painted needlepoint and counted cross stitch. explains about starting in the center.]
Rich: Which letter did you start with?
Me: [figures out center of pattern]: The letter C.
Rich: Are you almost done?
Me: [shows pattern] What do I have left to stitch?
Rich: [Begins pointing to all the empty boxes at the bottom] here, here, here.
Me: What else besides the boxes?
Rich: [investigates pattern closely] [and with help from grammy] The leaves!
Grammy pulls the rope to get off.
Rich: [from the exit well] Do you have a driver's license?
Me: Yes.
Rich: Do you have a car?
Me: Yes.
Rich: Well, then, you're all set! [Rich jumps from the bus]
Man sitting next to grammy: That little boy knows you better than anyone else on earth!
Woman sitting across the aisle from me: We're all coming over to your house now.


Mia said...

awwww, what a sweet conversation you had on the bus. I also love the progress on tall flowers. The colors are so summery!!! I also have an idea of the grocery store/shopping center you live near. :)

Chelle said...

Thanks for the chuckle. :o)

Anna van Schurman said...

So, Mia, when are you coming over?

Barbara said...

It's *almost* enough to make me want to take the bus. Almost. But with my luck, I'd wind up sitting next to a Rich who hadn't bathed in 3 weeks and had his name tatooed across his knuckles so he wouldn't forget it. That's my kind of public transportation luck.

Michelle said...

That was sweet. And your tall flowers look beautiful.

Anna van Schurman said...

Barbara, I do get that. It takes all kinds!

Jenn L said...

What an adorable little boy. I love when kids show an interest in things around them like that. And I'm so glad (given how cute he was) that Gramma didn't try to hush him up and get him to leave you alone. :)

Red said...

Good read. Thanks, I enjoyed it.