Monday, April 02, 2007

Freeze, Mutha******

The dude and the childhood friend are off to DC, and I was looking forward to a relaxing evening with the marquoir. Instead, the freezer broke, and I am up to my elbows madly cooking food to save it from the garbage. Tonight I cooked up crab cakes, Cantonese fish and vegetable soup (Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home), poached salmon, and a spanakopita. I've made a shopping list so that tomorrow night I can make chili, black bean and sausage stew, Sicilian seafood stew (the same Moosewood), Thai scallops (Trader Joe's lime and ginger sauce), and steam the leftover shrimp. Of course, now I have all this food and no one home to eat it. At least it will last until they get home. I should call Sissy to see if she can put some of this newly cooked chow in her freezer. (But you know, only the fish because she won't eat that.)

And then I have to figure out what to do about the refrigerator--that purports to have been manufactured in 2002. And a Kenmore!


Coral said...

Poor you!! If my freezer breaks down (an upright, things might change if it were a chest one) I just keep it closed and buy another quickly - what a horrible change of your plans!

Anyway, you will have saved some time for later! Stitching time!!

Melissa said...

Any way the fridge is still under warranty? Doesn't Sears have a lifetime warranty on Kenmores?

I have the original Moosewood Cookbook, now all those recipes you mentioned from Moosewood Cooks At Home makes me want to go buy it.