Monday, March 12, 2007


Back in the 80s and early 90s, my family took a lot of cruises. One thing we learned from sailing around the Caribbean with a bunch of people: your experience is what you make it. Focus on the negative, and surprise, you’re pretty unlikely to enjoy yourself. I think that happened a lot at this camp. There were lots of people bitching and moaning, and honestly, there were a few things to complain about, but in the end all was made right, and really, you have to focus on that.

My flight arrived in Tulsa at 4:00 and by the time we moseyed out to camp, all the tables were filled! Sure, we could have sat two there and a few there, but we came from across the country to be together. In the end, that was remedied. By the time we sat down to stitch on Friday night, all was well. As usual, we had three kits: a SamSarah patriotic design finished into a cube, a bunny stitched using Medici threads and finished as a needlebook, and a small Prairie Grove Peddlar “Bee” chart stitched with luscious Crescent Colors Belle Soie silks and finished in an exclusive Just Nan WhimZi frame. Two of the three kits didn’t have enough floss. (What’s new?) But, that situation was rectified. You would have thought it was the end of the world the way some people carried on when they were missing one length of thread. For sheesh! Anyway, I ate some more Starburst jelly beans and focused on the positive. I left with three stitched projects. Two of which are completely finished, and one I only need to add trim to.

I’m in love with the CC silks. They did not fray or get fuzzy, and they felt so nice! The colors were lovely. They were so inspiring. I changed my options of “bee gentle,” “bee kind,” or “bee happy” to “bee bitchy.” It was a late night and some of us were a bit cranky. It got a few laughs, and I’m thinking about using it in a new header design. But first, I’ll have to take a photo.

On Friday night, we went to our Amish dinner. The Millers have built a new eating establishment so we don’t have to invade the privacy of their home anymore. The new atmosphere leaves a little to be desired: unfinished garage, springs to mind. Well, it is a garage-style building. And the inside is unfinished in the classical sense. So it’s not much of a stretch. Of course, a few people got lost, and I’ll never know why the organizers don’t write down directions for everyone and post a big sign at the turn that people always miss. They were supposed to have posted a few people out on the road to signal the turn, but the signalers thought their job was done and they left before we got there. Fortunately, we’ve done this a few times. The lost people did show up before we had shoveled down a first plateful of food and well before the arrival of the rolls. Oh, the rolls! They were later than the lost people, and I was positive we weren’t getting rolls. But we did; focus on the positive.

After dinner, our little crew handed out surprise gift bags to the campers in honor of our friend, V’s, birthday. People were easily bribed into singing happy birthday with a few trinkets from Oriental Trading Company—oh, and 72 cupcakes. She was shocked and surprised, which was just the effect we were going for. Happy significant birthday, Vickie!

On Saturday night, I overheard someone looking for Anna Van Schurman. Anna would have loved to attend camp, but someone had to stay behind to make sure the dude doesn’t have sex with my sister. (A running joke.) Now, I know I’ve alluded to this before, but that’s my nom de blog. So anyway, best pal, being who she is, asked if they’d like to meet Anna, and they said they had something for her. Why on earth would anyone have anything for me? Well, Chelle is just the kindest person. She had her friends who were attending camp give me a little giftie, a RAK. She sent a little kit to make an ornament out of the JCS ornament issue. I was so surprised. Thanks, Chelle! When you least expect it, expect it!

Since I brought geegaws for 48 people, I really thought I’d be going home with an empty suitcase, but between the RAK, a belated birthday present, and the gift bags that my devoted friends brought for us (not to mention the giant bag of polyfill that I had to buy at the Wagoner Wal-mart to finish the biscornu ), it was full-up on the trip home. (Yes, the biscornu got finished on time, but I did forget to photograph it. I’ll see if we can rectify that!)

Of course, I shopped and shopped, but that report will have to wait for another day.


Barbara said...

Wow, sounds like quite the experience. ;> I'm looking forward to pictures...

Coral said...

So, Stitch Bitch is not Anna Van Shurman, but Anna Van Shurman is Stitch Bitch?

I am not confused at all!!!

Michelle said...

hmm...a secret identity. Very interesting. Sounds like all in all, it was a good trip. Can't wait to see you finished projects and your stash!

Lee said...

I'm glad you posted about using the new Crescent Colors silks. So far all I've read about them has come from shop owners. I was hoping they were great, and it's good to know that they are.

And I'm glad you had such a nice time!