Monday, March 19, 2007

Apples to Apples

Here's an update on the Apple Sampler by Curtis Boehringer. I've finished the alphabet, and it's on to the apples. I love the alphabet on this one. Look at that "s."

And how cool is this? I got a message from the Boehringer studio because they read my blog! They're happy to see me stitching this piece. (But will they be so happy when it takes my five years to finish it?) I went to the website where Mr. Boehringer has some new samplers. Did you notice the pumpkin sampler? That will be a nice companion piece.

What I really want is that set of santas and all the time in the world to stitch them!


Trish said...

I had no idea Curtin Boehringer was back to designing! Last time I checked, he was into quilting and I lost track of him!

You can hijack my blog anytime!

xsquared said...

That is gorgeous! I love the typeface.