Thursday, December 14, 2006

The UFO Project: Watercolor Geraniums

It occurs to me that I just started posting these ufos without ever explaining myself. Don't you know why I've done it? Can't you read my mind? (When I was teaching writing, I always told students I could only read their papers, not their minds. Because, inevitably, they'd write a lot less than they had been thinking about a subject, and their much more interesting thoughts would come out in conversations with them, never in their papers. But I digress...)

I was up in the craft room and decided I Needed to Take Stock. And here it is, my stock taking. It has lead me to have Big Ideas about my 2007 resolutions, which I will share with you at the appropriate time.

Today's project is Watercolor Geraniums. I believe it was featured in Just Cross Stitch magazine. I started this in the late 90s for my mom, an avid gardner. Well, really, my mom has a tendency to get really into things--horseback riding, piano lessons, gardening--until the Next Big Thing comes along. But she's very earnest, and so charming, in her enthusiasm. I intended it to be a Christmas gift, but when I realized I wasn't going to finish on time, I put it aside. I put a few stitches in it this year, but it's stitched 3-over-2. Three is just too many. And what an ordeal it is to gather all the floss for this one!


Lee said...

I wondered what was behind the UFO confessions!

My confession: About two years ago I gave most of my UFO's away. Talk about your Cut and Run....But they were making me sad.

I can be such a wuss.

Barbara said...

Though it's not a project I'd probably start, it is really pretty and I hope you'll decide to finish it even if your mom has moved on to the next Big Thing. ;)

I love the needlecrafting quotes you've been gathering!

Cheryl in DC said...

We should do an UFO round robin or swap. I'd happily trade one of my projects to work on your Tree of Life Window or Alpine Garden.

Melissa said...

Love the UFO confessions. I did this either last year or the year before. It's good to let them out of their hiding places every once in a while. Your Watercolor Geraniums is beautiful.