Friday, November 03, 2006

Will I Get a Show When I Top 500?

A New Windsor man had a show which gathered all of his cross-stitch pieces--500 of them--for a show in his hometown. Once he hit 500 he wanted to see them all together. I just have the feeling though, if some crazy broad went over number 500 and wanted to hang them all up in the local Y, the local newspaper wouldn't have thought it newsworthy. Well, if I wanted to have my 500 projects covered in the paper, I imagine I would have to move to a tiny little town.

What I liked about this guy was how he put a mini-journal on the back of all his pieces. Reminding himself what was going on in the world and with the weather--are all old people obsessed with the weather? I ask because my grandmother always asks about the weather and gives me a dissertation on hers whenever we talk on the phone. You can imagine how boring this was when I lived in Los Angeles. At any rate, he must be a one-at-a-timer because he can do that. I mean how would I write a message about the ten years I've spent on Toy Gatherer, to name one? It's an idea, though. And I put it out there for you.


jo said...

I used to keep a needlework journal faithfully. I keep it in my stitching bag, and would note the start of every project - what I using, what I had changed, etc. I'd make comments during the process of stitching - what I liked and didn't like about the pattern, why it was the PFH, etc.

Yup. You guessed it. Once I started blogging, I stopped journaling. I still note starts and changes. But everything else ends up online.

Barbara said...

It's a very interesting idea, Anna, putting a bit of journal entry on each piece.

Melissa said...

Sometimes I make a note on the back of a framed piece. I think one day someone might appreciate it. You know how people find grocery lists from the 1800s with the prices on there and it's so quaint? I know if I bought a framed piece of cross stitch I'd probably hang the backside facing out if it had some kind of note on it.