Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Doctor, Doctor

I went to the doctor this morning. His office is three blocks from mine so it seemed ridiculous to take a cab. By the second block, I had a blister on my hand from the crutches.

The doctor is very pleased with my recovery. He says I must have been doing everything right. I think my foot looks disgusting: it's bruised all up the inner side from my ankle to my big toe; the top if the foot is a little green and a lot swollen. It sort of looks like fresh toes have been planted in the foot of someone who drowned recently. And even the fresh toes are stained from Betadine. The little toes--which were hammer--are caked with dried blood and stitches. I'm a little distressed that the pinky toe, which used to live under my other toes, looks like it was taken off and put on sideways. My "ring" toe still looks like a reversed comma, which I thought was the point of the surgery. Clearly, this isn't a cosmetic procedure; I guess I hoped for pretty feet after all that pain.

Two more weeks on the crutches, bearing weight on the heel, which makes walking go a whole lot faster. Then, he'll take out the stitches in the little toes and unwrap the bandages, and I go to straight into sneakers for some period of time. (I had more pressing questions during this visit: should I bend my toes? Can I drive? Take the stairs? Take a shower?) I could probably take public transportation, but I think I'm going to continue to drive in until I'm back in sneakers. I've seen what they do to cripples on the subway.


coral said...

Sorry I laughed, your description of your toes was so amusing! Hope your pain levels are down a bit now. xxx

Mia said...

I am glad to hear that the doctor says everything is the way it should be though by your description I would have been woozy about the look of my toes. LOL And I think you are wise to continue to drive in. I remember Septa all too well. I still shudder when I think of all the years I took Septa to and from work.