Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day Two: A View from the Couch

So I have now been bunionless for one full day. The pain, which peaked last night, has finally begun to ease. The podiatric resident told me during the consult that, after the anesthesia wore off, the pain would make me regret my decision to have the surgery. That was pretty much an understatement. Strangely, my mother has had this surgery three times and has never experienced any pain. For a while I couldn't really make it the four hours between percosets. (And unlike every normal person, I throw up if I eat and take percoset. I need to take it on an empty stomach.) Today I said to my dad (my parents are looking after me while the dude's at work) that I would let him know how I felt at 2:30, half an hour before the 3:00 percoset dose. It was 3:20. So I skipped that one and only took my 5:00 motrin. I'm probably down to a 6 on the pain scale. I do think I'll take some percoset to sleep tonight though.

I can also tell I'm feeling better because I actually felt like stitching. This afternoon, while my mom cleaned my house(!), I worked on the Christmas Elf Fairy. Now it's sort of ironic that she's still hobbling around on one leg.


coral said...

Poor you, I am thinking of you (and glad it isn't me!).


Melissa said...

Hope this note finds you pain free and able to enjoy your time on the couch. Sweet mom you have there.

Glenna said...

Best wishes to you--yow. Had I known the medical name, I'd have had a child, just so I could have named her Hallux. And Happy Thanksgiving too!