Monday, October 02, 2006

The Maine Event

Our trip to Maine was relaxing if not entirely restful. We packed so much into our days that even my mother's neighbors commented on how much we did. We all arrived on Thursday. While best pal and I waited for DD's flight to arrive we popped over to Colonial Needleworks in Bedford. It is a really pretty shop and she had a nice selection. I think the internet has totally ruined me for shopping. I see stuff in advance and then I'm put out when it hasn't arrived in the stores...

We drove up to my folk's place in Maine and met VT who my mom had been kind enough to fetch from the Portland airport. We had treats to share. I had made flip flop scissor fobs and a notebook to put into the bags I had decorated. I also included a few freebie patterns.

DD made up goody bags that included candy and gum, hand cream and a nail file, a magnet needle holder, a nap raiser, Thread Heaven, and a thread straightener. It was all included in a pretty little autumnal bag. So sweet!

After lunch at Wild Willy's on Friday, we made the pilgrimage to Yankee Cross Stitch which is loaded with beautiful stitched pieces, but I didn't see that many new things. It's a sad fact that we forgot to take a photo of us in front of the store. My mom drove us, and even though she doesn't stitch, she did pick out a couple of patterns. For me to stitch for her. But she bought everything I picked out because it's almost my birthday so it's the least I can do. I got two Mosey n Me patterns, Twigs and Blocks of Christmas; Carriage House Samplings, Annie's Garden; monsterbubbles, Lizzie Borden; Good Huswife, June Morning; Blackbird Designs, Flea Market Souvenir, and finally I found a copy of the JCS Ornament Issue. (I bought the Hillside Samplings chart, Animal Samplings, at Colonial Needleworks.) My mom picked out the Sue Hillis Designs, Why Men Fish and the Dimensions Flip Flop kit, though I have permission to substitute the fabric.

We shopped a bit in the mall where YCS is located. Before driving back we swung by Strawbery Banke so DD could see "a three hundred year old salt box" per her special request. We stopped at Yummies on the way home. We bought candy like we in a candy store. For dinner we had Mike's Clam Shack clam chowder and lobster rolls.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we took a short cruise past Nubble Light. We walked around (shopped) Ogunquit before heading back to pick up my dad for dinner. Lobster on the marsh. Mmmmmmmm lobster. Then we swung by the Bush's place to watch the sunset. (Some of us were more excited about that than others. But next time George, Jr. pulls his aw-shucks-I'm just-a-man-of-the-people act think about summering on Walkers Point. Personally, I know that I had a privileged childhood, and our summer place was next door to one that a bunch of frat boys rented!)

Then the weekend was over quick as it came. We did do a little stitching, I had kitted up a Drawn Thread pumpkin fob, but people had also brought their own projects. So it was more a weekend with stitching friends than it was about stitching. I guess we'll save that for camp next year.


Dianne said...

Hi Anna!
Just popping by to see 'hi'!
You got some great S*E*X too. : )
I just splurged on 3 Prairie Schoolers. I am so bad. ; )
Glad you had a nice New England trip.

Melissa said...

Anna-not sure what it says about me, but I've loved that Lizzie Borden Sampler from the moment I saw it. I'm just glad I'm not the only one.

Your weekend sounds like so much fun. One day I'm going to make a trip to Maine. It looks beautiful.

Glenna said...

Your anti-Hershey trip sounds as fun as Hershey--with maybe better food! (not that they complained, but I'd always prefer a lobster to a chocolate bar). I also have the Lizzie Borden sampler. I haven't stitched yet, but ironically, the piece of fabric I ordered to go with it had a dye smear across it that looks just like blood. I so wish the designer had done real figures though instead of stick figures. You can get Whale Hunting at Elegant Stitch in CA--they mailordered it out to me.

jo said...

I'm jealous, jealous, jealous. Ocean. Nubble Light. Lobsta. Yankee Cross Stitch.

Ack. Homesick......

Barbara said...

Oh, boy, I wish I could've been there! I haven't been to Strawberry Bankes in years & years. Sounds oh-so-fun.