Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Summer has come and passed. Here's what I eked out this month.

1. 10 hours on Anna's Bird--I did a little work on this, but now I have to hurry and finish so I can hang it in the living room. We have the perfect spot.
2. complete Enchanted Alphabet wahoo! See it here.
3. complete the birth sampler DONE! See it here.
4. 10 hours on the French knot mermaid--Not so much...
5. Start the giant marquoir--I cut the fabric and bought the floss. I do have two weeks before the next installment is released.
6. Bring santa ornaments as travel project I finished one and started the other!
7. Spend 30 minutes working in the craft room every night until the place is organized This raised a few too many issues for me. First the 300 patterns, then the shoes that don't fit in the closet. And I still haven't picked a color scheme because I have fallen in love with too many fabrics. The room is in better shape, but I think I'm going to ignore it for a little while.

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