Friday, August 11, 2006

That Pumpkin has a lot of Fans

I don't want to keep it to myself any longer. The funky pumpkin design is by Glendon Place, and you can buy yours here.

Patti is right, pumpkins do come in patches. I am now in hot pursuit of the one that got away: Twisted Threads' Trio of Pumpkins. (Part of the Trio of Hearts and Duo of Trees set.) I took the hearts class with Ruth, and talked myself into the trees over the pumpkins for reasons I can no longer recall.

I found one on ebay but the seller is selling it with Duo of Trees which I already have. I'll keep looking for now.


Rava said...

You know Im not really a pumpking person *gasp* but these kind of grab me! Thanks for providing the link :)

Melissa said...

Oh - I stitched this one - it's very tiny and all over one but it looks fantastic when done! The little felt pumpkins really make the design interesting.
Good luck in your hunt!