Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Ends

1. 10 hours on Anna's Bird See it here.
2. 10 hours on Enchanted Alphabet--I did put in a couple of hours, but we've been spending a lot of time painting, since we're taking up the carpets this weekend. (This makes sense to the dude.)
3. Finish the stork birth announcement--I came very close. I just need to finish the birthdate, but I screwed up two letters in the name of the month, and I had to take it out.
4. Start second hardanger napkin ring. Just not in the mood for white-on-white I guess. This is what I did on the bus instead (photo).
5. 10 hours on the French knot mermaid I got so much farther than I thought I would on this!
6. Start "Once the Ocean Called My Name" And finished! See it here.

September goals
1. 10 hours on Anna's Bird
2. complete Enchanted Alphabet
3. complete the birth sampler
4. 10 hours on the French knot mermaid
5. Start the giant marquoir
6. Bring santa ornaments as travel project
7. Spend 30 minutes working in the craft room every night until the place is organized


Barbara said...

Love the "Once the Ocean Called My Name" finish! (And your earlier reference to Mel G. and link to Subversive Cross Stitch has got me thinking of some funny gift ideas. ;>)

Michelle said...

You've made some great progress this month with stitching, even with painting. I love your inspiration room from Bella Dia. I can't wait until the day where I post up and say "this is the room I want - Anna's craft room"! ; )

Anna van Schurman said...

Michelle, I cannot wait for that day either!

Chelle said...

I really like Anna's bird! Love the little bunny project, too. It is on my "things to do" list...