Tuesday, July 11, 2006

#4 Take Hardanger Napkin Rings as Travel Project

Today I brought my Hardanger Napkin Rings on the commute. I will try to get a picture of them, but there are these nasty little rust colored splotches everywhere on these. Not caused by a needle--I would have had to have left about 20 needles in this thing. And it's also on the unworked piece of evenweave. It's a mystery. I thought briefly about throwing the project out. I mean, I took this class in Valley Forge in 1997--how frickin' long have I lived without them? But that was the year I went and stitched with my broken finger. And I paid good money for the class.

But, as my cousin the-only-woman-in-the-world-who-thinks-dressing-kids-in-white-is-a-good-idea always says, "It's white; you can bleach it." I have the fear of bleaching needlework. The project is white on white, and I'm sure nothing untoward will happen if I bleach it just-this-once. But who am I kidding? They're napkin rings, they'll need to be bleached again. I've got to suck it up. If they're worth stitching, it's worth using them. And if I use them, I will inevitably bleach them. And if this means my great nieces can't use them, screw 'em. What have they ever done for me?


Leah said...

Sing it sister! I am a big fan of dressing my kid in white and using bleach on just about anything. Good luck!!

Michelle said...

Bleach away! I hope the rust stains come out - how disheartening.

Coral said...

"And if this means my great nieces can't use them, screw 'em. What have they ever done for me?"

You make me laugh!!

Cheryl in DC said...

I had a step-aunt who dressed her kids only in white as small children. The family is still horrified/fascinated by this, even though the "kids" are now over 50.

I've found Oxi-Clean to be marvelously effective on organic stains (i.e., works great on food, but not on printer toner). You might try a concentrated solution of that, especially once you've started using the rings.

Good luck!