Thursday, May 18, 2006

Santa, Baby

I've nearly completed two Santa ornaments: my Mill Hill kit and the one for my nephew. I have a bit of beard work to do on both--you read right, beard. Frosty Santa (Mill Hill) needs his loopy beard added. The ornament for my nephew needs some sparkly silver star stitches in his beard. But very, very close to being done.

I'm also nearing completion on Room for Ewe. I have filled in about 2/3 of the chair and just need to make Cam's coils for the sheep. Wow. Finishing. What a concept.

I think I may be ready to put Enchanted Alphabet away for a while and put my ten hours in on Toy Gatherer.

Who is this new stitcher, and what has she done with that Bitch who usually writes on this blog?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Your Santas are looking great! I love seeing your progress and check in on your blog everyday - I need a bit of wit with my stitching!