Monday, May 01, 2006

Round Up/May Goals

Well last month I said that I would work on something different every day of the month, upon completion of my sister's laptop bag. Yeah, well, there was no completion of the lap top bag, though I did go great guns for a little while...up until the time I realized I had no idea how long I was supposed to make the second strap. I emailed my friend amy! and she tried to interpret the pattern as I had written it out (well, I copied the section for the straps word-for-word). She ended up buying the book, not before she marvelled at how poorly the pattern was written. So it's not just me! I now have to rip out about 100 rows of one side of the strap. Grrr. Then I just have to make the closure. Seam it. Felt. Sew in a zipper. Attach the handle. Done.

What I did work on last month instead, you know in addition to house stuff and the party, was the Ewe and Eye and Friends pattern of a sheep on a chair. I almost finished that too. I am just filling in the chair. Bo-ring. I also started a Mill Hill Santa ornament and a perforated paper ornament for my nephew. I've been alternating those projects on my commute. I pulled out the MLI Enchanted Alphabet for the trip up to NH this weekend. I've almost finished the "W" but I had to take out the "H" someone else stitched. She had either stitched a cross over three or over one thread and she screwed up that section.

May Goals
1. Take all the boxes from the craft room, put them in the basement, and vacuum so my mother in law has a place to sleep tomorrow night!
2. Finish the damn bag.
3. Ten hours on Enchanted Alphabet
4. Ten hours on Toy Gatherer
5. Complete Mill Hill Santa
6. Complete nephew's ornament
7. Start You Are My Sunshine for anniversary present.

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Yes, but how was the party?