Thursday, May 04, 2006

Filling In

Pictures again! At last. I'm sorry I've been so lazy about taking photos of my progress. I'm guessing that you can tell that the one on the top/left is the Ewe and Eye and Friends sheep standing on a chair, as I've been calling it. "A Room for Ewe" is the official name. On the bottom/right is the ornament that I am stitching for my nephews from a Better Homes and Gardens Christmas book. I have three nephews and this particular design came in three colorways (one has the green and red reversed and the other is blue). Once I finish the swirls in the Santa, I should have no problems filling in his body, making both the perfect subway projects. Actually the sheep is the best because that is stitched using one strand of floss. Super easy!


Kymm said...

I'm succumbing to stitch lust! Must have the sheep-on-a-chair! Where'd you find it? You can reach me at


Coral said...

I love that santa, he is really jolly. Ditto Kymm's queston, Where did you get it?

Barbara said...

I just love the Ewe & I designs - this sheep is adorable. And your nephews will love that cute Santa.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Everyone's support has meant so much.

Adana said...

Love your Room for Ewe (or as a few friends and I call it "Sheep in a chair" or "Patti" as that's who it was named after since Patti was the one who stitched the model for the EEF girls. But what a ton of filling in.