Friday, April 21, 2006

It's in the Mail

Yesterday I busted my hump getting Souvenir Sampler to Fed Ex so that it would arrive today at the framer; today was, of course, the deadline she gave me. You would have thought sewing on a few buttons and charms and a scrap of baby blanket wouldn't have taken a week, but it did. Remember when you learned in science class that gas expands to fill the space it is alloted? Yeah, substitute work for gas and this totally applies to me. I'm such a procrastinator.

Last Saturday, I finally went to Joanns to look for white, pink, and blue 1/4" buttons. I got the white, but the only blue and pink had shanks. I bought them, but they didn't work. So on Wednesday (yes, I procrastinated!) I went to the garment district to see if I could find some buttons. Boy, do I miss the days of strolling into any fabric store and being confronted by miles and miles of buttons. I got some smallish pink and blue buttons, but not small enough. Then when I got them home, I decided I only liked the bone button I had bought. So then I went digging through my disaster area of a craft room and I found some buttons I had bought for scrapbooking. I decided to bag the idea of using pink and blue and went with all off-white buttons. So I was sewing them on Wednesday night while I watched Ace get booted (Kelly so should have lost last week). I couldn't get to the baby blanket. During my lunch hour--that extended egregiously to two--I sewed the baby blanket. Since Sissy's blanket was knit, it was impossible to attach it with the nun's stitch. I finally threw it in and just used blanket stitch. It looks like crap. Really crappy. But it was important to me that it be on there. My sister was sooooo attached to that blankie. Anyway, then I wrapped the stitchery around some batting and stuck it in the plastic bag the batting came in. Then I went to find a Fed Ex. The one closest to my office did not have a mailing tube. So began the trek to the further away Fed Ex with the mailing tubes. (And thus the two hour lunch...)

I haven't heard whether it's been received. I'm sure it will arrive, but still I worry.

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